Financial Year ended March 31st, 2013

Running Hospital Charges with Rental Charges:

This year also we have taken a small Hospital on Rental bases of 25 bedded. In Pathardi Taluka Dist. Ahmednagar. Specially giving benefit to the people of Rural Areas. We are giving them the facilities like Blood Test, Blood Pressure, Urine Test, HIV Test, CD-4 Test, Bone Density Check up, Malaria; we admit them for normal sickness along with medicines, Tonic, ointment, saline and glucose, etc. The expenses of Hospital charges Rs. 87,15,943 /- etc.

Medical Relief (Camps):

In all 15 Medical Camps were organized during the year in Adivasi, Hutment areas, etc. to cover about 250-300 people per camp. Besides free medical checkup, the Trust distributed free medicines, Tonic and ointment and also administered injections. In this camp, free Pathological tests like Urine and blood, blood group, blood pressure, and Bone density check up in city areas, also special co-operation for HIV Aids people, CD4 Test, HIV Test, Mobile Medical, Medical conferences for people along with medicines etc.

The expenses of medical camps Rs. 6,72,538.00/- including vehicles, breakfast, doctors, etc.

Blood donation Camps:

During the year under review, the Trust organized 10 no. Blood Donation Camps in Navi Mumbai and about 60 bottles of blood were collected. The Blood collected were donated to Hospitals including MGM Hospital, Kamothe, Actrac Hospital (TATA), Kharghar, NMMC Hospital, Vashi, Hiranandani Hospital, and Powai with a condition that they shall be used for poor people who cannot afford to pay for medical expenses etc.

The expenses of Rs. 5,46,827.00 includes break-fast, milk and biscuits to the Blood Donors. The amount also includes amount spent for Doctors and Staff towards break-fast, lunch and also for expenses to book premises, furniture, fans, vehicles, etc for conducting the camp etc.

Relief of Poverty:

Under this scheme, the Trust provides for Street Children, physically handicapped people, Orphans and those who are below the poverty line. Such expenses cover food, clothing, medicines, school books, fees, school uniform supply of ration, vehicle, etc. The Trust spent Rs. 5,68,942.00 during the year. The trust always helps the Adivasi villages, Rural areas & slum/hutments area etc.

Secular education: (PRAUDH SHIKSHAN):

The Trust spent an amount of Rs. 4,15,869.00 towards secular education program during the year ended March 31, 2013. Under this program, the Trust deputes qualified Teachers to the Adivasi villages, rural areas & hutment area where the uneducated population lives. The people are explained about the need for literacy. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays for 2-3 hours and educate about 53 people (for the whole year) to learn the Alphabets in Marathi and English so that they can at least write their names and affix their signatures etc.

The areas covered under this program are villages in Taluka including Pathardi, Shevgaon, Panvel, Uran, Pathardi, Jawahar, Mokhada etc.


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